Diary Equipments

Creating a niche of Diary Equipments such as Milk Process Plants, Milk Bulk Coolers, Milk Storage Tanks, Chemical Reactor and Milk Silos at its best, with utmost quality.

Milk Process Plants

One of our most popular products Milk Process Plants are precisely designed for use in chilling plants and dairy plants. These units are highly efficient and are available with various safety devices such as high / low refrigerant switched, flow switches and many others. Guaranteed for long life and trouble free services.

Characteristics :
  • Energy saving and highly efficient fin tube air cooling condensers with liberal sized fans
  • Guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters
  • Hermetic, semi hermetic sealed, screw compressors with internal load protection
  • Air cooled condensers with copper tubes and aluminum fins
  • Refrigerant circuit comprises of filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve/capillary, sight glass and accumulator

Milk Bulk Coolers

We have all the resources that are required for bulk and customized production of top class Milk Bulk Coolers. These coolers are used to improve the quality of milk by storing it and chilling it at the collector center, before transporting it to different dairies.

Applications :
  • Big dairies
  • Milk collection center
  • Village cooperatives / milk cooperatives
  • Agriculture industry for the storage of bulk milk

Milk Storage Tanks

Features :

Capacity : 2 KL
Type : Open
Size/Shape : Semi elliptical rectangular horizontal
Required Power: 5940 Watt
Power Supply : Single / Three Phase
Mounting: Skid Mounted